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You want to win souls. You run out of things to say. Either they won’t come to church or they do but they don’t “get it.” You need Life! Discovery.

When you reach out to the lost and friends who are in churches that need more truth, you need more than a list of Bible verses to tell them where they are wrong. Typically the big mistake people make in outreach is forgetting that they have to build trust to make converts.

Life! Discovery is a systematic way for you to teach the unsaved at a pace that keeps up with their level of growth and understanding. Along the way, they will grow to trust you as they hear God’s Word consistently speak to their heart. As this develops, they come to more quickly accept what the Bible says about salvation. Too many mess up by rushing to this point too fast and not following Jesus’s model of ministry.

You remember the old Bible study flipcharts? They had their place, but are not very portable in an increasingly mobile world. What if you could teach the Word of God with powerful graphics on a tablet, laptop, or TV screen in whatever place your lost loved one found convenient? This is Life! Discovery.

Have you ever worried that after you taught the lesson, your student or loved one would forget what you taught? Have you worried that someone with false doctrine would come and steal the truth out of their heads? With Life! Discovery, you can leave them with a booklet that helps them find the truths of God’s Word in their own Bibles and learn to grow from the Book itself. Once you have established important truths in their lives, see it established as they are able to go back over and review what you taught from a totally different angle. These 12-page booklets or digital files will keep them turning toward the Lord!

Imagine teaching a Bible study where your students keep inviting friends and it grows more and more! Rather than having to beg people to have a Bible study, you have more than you know what to do with. When taught correctly, the Word of God grows and multiplies. This is systematic church growth.

Don’t fear teaching people with out-dated visuals. You will be proud to present the feature-rich graphics and images. Even more so, the cut-to-the-heart of the matter teaching will move them more than the professional presentation. People are hungry to learn and grow from God’s Word. Many do not know where to start.

Life! Discovery will take the learner on a journey through the high-points of Scripture as they learn who they are and what the Kingdom of God is all about. When they come to the point of choosing water baptism, they will understand what the covenant is all about. They will learn the power and importance of the Name of Jesus. They will know the reason for and works of the Spirit of God. In fact, they will be hungry for it. Rather than just jump to these topics and hope they get it right away, you are going to follow Jesus’s model of disciple making.

Jesus said, “I am the Way.” Too many people only know Him for being the Truth and the Life. They ignore that His way is THE WAY to do it. Following His methods, you will make disciples like the Master. Afterall, that is what He commissioned you to do.


These digital files contain:

– 100+ pages of teacher’s notes

– 21 image-rich PowerPoint files

– Lesson outlines

– Daily devotional-type workbooks for each lesson.

– All this and more in printable files

Packet of resources for Life! Discovery home Bible study


This quality teaching resource will help you reach those the Lord has sent your way!

How much does it cost?

A lot less than it should. Each session now contains video components which should cost $20 each (that’s $420!). Add to that the printable booklets, the PowerPoint files with true HD quality graphics, and all the prepared notes for each lesson and the price goes through the roof! However, rather than paying over $500 for this series, you can get it for only $97.

We have an ironclad guarantee: you will love the series or your money back. If you do not love you do not pay. Simple. How long do you think it would take to make up your mind? How about if you just try it out for a while and see how it hits you? Is 3 months long enough? Okay. You have 90 days to test drive Life! Discovery. We don’t want you to say it is okay. We don’t want you to simply like it. Either you love it or you leave it. Boom. Ironclad, money back guarantee!

But, when you do fall in love with Life! Discovery, we want to hear about your success stories. We want to see pictures of the people who are coming into the Kingdom by your efforts. Thank you for being part of something huge!

When you sign up, you get immediate access and to the membership area. Modules unlock sequentially! You will be able to access these files again and again from any place with internet access. Or download them to your device and use them anywhere!


Frequently asked questions about Life! Discovery:

How long does the series last?

It telescopes to fit the needs of your students. Some only need 12 weeks while others may need 6 months depending on where they are coming from. Don’t fear long term Bible studies. You are making disciples.

May I duplicate this for my church staff?

Yes. We only ask that you not duplicate them to sell, barter, or otherwise manipulate these products for other goods or services.

May I edit the PowerPoint files for my preferences?

If you have MS Office or newer, you may change the format, add your church’s information, or even change the focus of a lesson.

I don’t have any program called PowerPoint on my computer, what do I do?

You can install the free viewer and use the files at no extra charge.



Quotes from students:

“Man, a person could go to church their whole life and never learn 90% of what I am getting here!” – Billy

“I used to fall asleep when people taught from the Bible. This keeps me interested!” – Jamie

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