Home Bible Study for Pentecostal Teachers

If you have tried to win souls with Bible-study flip charts, you will love Life! Discovery home Bible study. Are you tired of handing out mass-produced tracts? Face your lost friends with powerful on-screen presentations, information-packed study guides, and life changing concepts.

Teach each lesson in a 30-60 minute session in the student’s home or workplace each week. This apostolic Pentecostal home Bible study teaches the One God message with baptism in Jesus’ Name, infilling of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues, and personal holiness. You will need a working knowledge of the Bible, but you do not have to be an expert.

These digital files contain:

– 100+ pages of teacher’s notes

– 21 image-rich PowerPoint files

– Lesson outlines

– Daily devotional-type workbooks for each lesson.

– All this and more in printable files

Packet of resources for Life! Discovery home Bible study

Experience the joy of students who love this so much they invite family and friends to the sessions. You will not have to beg people to do this series. The life changing truths will capture their attention in a format they find easy to use. Order today to see how Life! Discovery will impact your co-workers, loved ones, and neighbors.

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Man, a person could go to church their whole life and never learn 90% of what I am getting here! – Billy

Here’s a break down of each session:

Lesson 1
Let God’s Word prove itself true to your students. Show them evidence from archeology, history, science, and more.
Lesson 2
Let Adam and Eve’s experience help your student turn over a new leaf. Teach them how the devil works. Let them see what they lack to be a complete person.
Lesson 3
Help your students shut out the enemy. Let them see the devil is only as powerful as we let him be. Stir up challenging thoughts about evolution vs. creation and Noah’s flood.
Lesson 4
Teach how to get along with others and keep their guilt of your own life. Let Ham, Shem, and Japheth illustrate deep truths for today. Learn Abraham’s example of a blessed life, not a cursed one.
Lesson 5
Show the simplicity of life in God’s plan and its rewards. Follow Joseph’s story from insignificance to finding God’s perfect will.
Lesson 6
Help your students find the freedom of forgiveness. Prepare them to receive God’s forgiveness as they get past their past.
Lesson 7
Every unsaved person is enslaved to sin. Help them see what restricts their potential. Lead them out of bondage with the first step of crying out to God.
Lesson 8
God has already has a good life worked out for us. Teach them how to live out of bounds by climbing the mountain to His presence.
Lesson 9
Help your people defeat the old lifestyle when they see their Promised Land waiting beyond their spiritual and moral strongholds.
Lesson 10
Break bondage with this lesson on stubbornness, rebellion, and repentance.
Lesson 11
Lead your students to the power and joy of repentance. Let them see God wants more than sorrow, He expects us to think and live differently.
Lesson 12
Your students will see the majesty of God in Christ as you share this. More than just information about the Oneness of God, let them see who Jesus really is. They will see why He came and learn how to obtain His promises.
Lesson 13
Lead your students to enter the covenant of baptism in Jesus Name. More than just doctrine or a ritual, this action connects them to the resurrected Christ.
Lesson 14
Your students will understand the promise of the Spirit. They should long to receive the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues. Show them how it all makes perfect sense in God’s plan.
Lesson 15
This will be some of the most fascinating history your class will have ever heard. Let them see the shocking reality of how man changed God’s plan through the years as the church dissolved into denominations. Show them how the trinity doctrine crept in hundreds of years after Christ.
Lesson 16
Present the church and religious institutions from the Middle Ages up till now. Show how God is doing more today than He did during the lives of the apostles.
Lesson 17
Your listeners will know which church is the right one after this session. Give them tools to search the scriptures in order to decide for themselves whether a church agrees with the teachings of Christ.
Lesson 18
This mini discipleship lesson prepares your learners for the work of the Holy Spirit. Let them expect to operate in the gifts of the Spirit as they grow and to fight spiritual warfare by prayer, study, and fasting.
Lesson 19
Teach holiness now in this mini discipleship lesson. This preps your class for the longer discipleship course Life! Orientation. Prompt your students to reexamine their habits and their homes to make God welcome.
Lesson 20
If you still have fence-sitting students, this session should motivate them as you discuss God’s wrath, the rapture, and end time events.
Lesson 21
Give a glimpse of eternity as your learners see New Jerusalem contrasted against the Lake of Fire. Challenge them to see life differently as you conclude with this inspiring yet sobering thought.

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 I used to fall asleep when people taught from the Bible. This keeps me interested! – Jamie


Frequently asked questions about Life! Discovery:

Do I have to teach all twenty-one lessons?
No. Many of the lessons could be condensed to make the series last only a few weeks. However, don’t fear long term Bible studies. You making disciples while evangelizing. Jesus spent three and a half years teaching His disciples.
Most successful home Bible study teachers spend more than twelve weeks with their students. The length of the study really depends on your calling: evangelists get right to the point (take off like a helicopter) whereas teachers build up to conviction (like a jet needing a long runway).

Life! Discovery Pentecostal home Bible study

May I duplicate this for my church staff?

Yes. We only ask that you not duplicate them to sell, barter, or otherwise manipulate these products for other goods or services.
May I edit the PowerPoint files for my preferences?
If you have MS Office or newer, you may change the format, add your church’s information, or even change the focus of a lesson.
I don’t have any program called PowerPoint on my computer, what do I do?
Get up with the times! Just kidding. You can install the free viewer and use the files at no extra charge.

How much does it cost?

A lot less than it should. Each lesson now contains video components. Each should cost $20 (that’s $420!). Each booklet should retail at $2 each, but you can print as many as you like at no extra charge. You get months of teaching materials with slides, notes, videos, and student booklets for a fraction of what it is worth at only $49.99.

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