Discovery Intro


Access each session:

Lesson 1
Let God’s Word prove itself true to your students. Show them evidence from archeology, history, science, and more.
Lesson 2
Let Adam and Eve’s experience help your student turn over a new leaf. Teach them how the devil works. Let them see what they lack to be a complete person.
Lesson 3
Help your students shut out the enemy. Let them see the devil is only as powerful as we let him be. Stir up challenging thoughts about evolution vs. creation and Noah’s flood.
Lesson 4
Teach how to get along with others and keep their guilt of your own life. Let Ham, Shem, and Japheth illustrate deep truths for today. Learn Abraham’s example of a blessed life, not a cursed one.
Lesson 5
Show the simplicity of life in God’s plan and its rewards. Follow Joseph’s story from insignificance to finding God’s perfect will.
Lesson 6
Help your students find the freedom of forgiveness. Prepare them to receive God’s forgiveness as they get past their past.
Lesson 7
Every unsaved person is enslaved to sin. Help them see what restricts their potential. Lead them out of bondage with the first step of crying out to God.
Lesson 8
God already has a good life worked out for us. Teach them how to live “out of bounds” by climbing the mountain to His presence.
Lesson 9
Help your people defeat the old lifestyle when they see their Promised Land waiting beyond their spiritual and moral strongholds.
Lesson 10
Break bondage with this lesson on stubbornness, rebellion, and repentance.
Lesson 11
Lead your students to the power and joy of repentance. Let them see God wants more than sorrow, He expects us to think and live differently.
Lesson 12
Your students will see the majesty of God in Christ as you share this. More than just information about the Oneness of God, let them see who Jesus really is. They will see why He came and learn how to obtain His promises.
Lesson 13
Lead your students to enter the covenant of baptism in Jesus Name. More than just doctrine or a ritual, this action connects them to the resurrected Christ.
Lesson 14
Your students will understand the promise of the Spirit. They should long to receive the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues. Show them how it all makes perfect sense in God’s plan.
Lesson 15
This will be some of the most fascinating history your class will have ever heard. Let them see the shocking reality of how man changed God’s plan through the years as the church dissolved into denominations. Show them how the trinity doctrine crept in hundreds of years after Christ.
Lesson 16
Present the church and religious institutions from the Middle Ages up till now. Show how God is doing more today than He did during the lives of the apostles.
Lesson 17
Your listeners will know which church is the right one after this session. Give them tools to search the scriptures in order to decide for themselves whether a church agrees with the teachings of Christ.
Lesson 18
This mini discipleship lesson prepares your learners for the work of the Holy Spirit. Let them expect to operate in the gifts of the Spirit as they grow and to fight spiritual warfare by prayer, study, and fasting.
Lesson 19
Teach holiness now in this mini discipleship lesson. This preps your class for the longer discipleship course Life! Orientation. Prompt your students to reexamine their habits and their homes to make God welcome.
Lesson 20
If you still have fence-sitting students, this session should motivate them as you discuss God’s wrath, the rapture, and end time events.
Lesson 21
Give a glimpse of eternity as your learners see New Jerusalem contrasted against the Lake of Fire. Challenge them to see life differently as you conclude with this inspiring yet sobering thought.


Safari hat, khaki shirt, and binoculars. Do not think of yourself as a teacher or preacher when you are leading someone through Life! Discovery. You will be a tour guide during this series. Most people find life a threatening jungle. We have the opportunity to show them the Map of Life!—God’s Word—so they can discover the answers they seek.
Naturally, anyone teaching this should be baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Spirit. More than that, he or she should have a deep prayer life and especially take some time to pray in the Spirit prior to teaching any lesson. If your Life! is drained, how can you share it with anyone else? The power of this adventure is the unadulterated truth of God’s Word combined with you, an uncompromising servant who shares it with others. Be creative in your teaching and allow God’s Spirit to lead you.

This “home” Bible study should be done in the most convenient place for the student. There home could be the best option since they will be there anyway and it does not take extra effort to go out and meet you somewhere else. In light of Christ’s teaching in Luke 10, here are some practical tips: Take what they offer you to eat or drink but never ask for such service. Don’t transact business with the people in the home—stay focused. Shut off your mobile phone or leave it in the car. Don’t stay too long.

Any boldface type in these notes indicate “thread thoughts.” Life! Discovery is not a series of independent sessions, but weaves a tight picture when finished. The concepts that are highlighted are foundational material and you will cripple your case if you skip past them. Never forget that you are building toward a goal, not just talking. The rest of the material (regular type) can be used or altered at each Coach’s discretion.
What if I don’t know the answer?  Occasionally, a student will stump even a well-studied teacher.  Don’t bluff.  Don’t hedge.  Answer with, “I’m sorry, but I’m not prepared to answer that question right now, but next time we get together I will address your concern fully.”  Bring more than an answer the next week, bring documentation.  You’ll be amazed at the impact of showing a person that you really care.

Refer to the note screen at the bottom of the PowerPoint file (presenter’s view) for other tips and scripture references.  Get the Life! Journal booklets that match the number of the lesson you are teaching.  Customize your note handouts for the way you teach each lesson.  Personalize these PowerPoint files.  Put church labels on the Life! Journals so students can contact you easily.  Your first few times you will teach Life! Discovery by the book.  Eventually you will find that some lessons don’t need the emphasis in your one home that others do.  Feel free to alter the files to your preferences.

Adapt.  If you are teaching high school students you will use different lingo and illustrations than if you are teaching senior citizens.  Learn to be flexible.  Jesus took children on His knee.  You may find yourself doing the same while you’re teaching.  Parents love those who love their kids.  Getting along with dogs helps, too, but not everyone is pet-o-genic.

Some teachers balk at the idea of teaching a 21 lesson series.  Don’t let that worry you.  We expect converts to come to church for the rest of their lives.  If a weekly home Bible study imposes on them, then how will they adjust to three services per week?  This breaks them in slowly to a faithful Christian walk.
Am I staying too long?  Plan to teach for 45 minutes to an hour, but don’t schedule anything within two hours of your appointment in case the listeners have questions.  However, if the student is still asking questions and soliciting you to talk, you have not worn out your welcome.  Some of the best HBS teachers have spent 4 or 5 hours answering questions (although this should not happen every week).

When do you present the gospel?  When your student is ready.  You can tell this by prayer and sensitivity to the leading of the Lord as you teach.   However, a more tangible clue comes as your student asks questions.  You will gain more ground when answering questions, for these tell you exactly what interests your listener.

Each of the folders in the Life! Discovery folder contain a PowerPoint slideshow, full-text notes in both Word and PDF formats, and a PDF booklet to print out, staple and fold for the student. Watch the informational video included with these files to learn how to create these booklets easily.


Recommended reading:

I Am, by David Norris

A History of Christian Doctrine, by David Bernard

The New Birth, by David Bernard


If your student is new to the Bible, I recommend the New King James Version for clarity and accuracy. If English is your students’ second language or if they are poor readers, they will do better with the New Century Version, which is on a fourth-grade reading level.


Technical suggestions:
When presenting Life! Discovery in a home, your slide show will benefit the most people if you connect your laptop to the television.  There are a few ways of doing this with the easiest being HDMI. If you cannot figure it out, just present off a tablet or laptop screen.

Here’s the BIG IDEA behind this series: to help students apply principles from God’s Word as you teach the series. Stories are at the heart of doing this.