This apostolic daily devotional journal helps you map out your journey as you live for God. Find direction for your life with this tool that shows you where you are going and where you have been.

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Life! Journal for your daily devotions

You might do this study on your lunch break at work, if you have a quiet place where you will not be distracted. However, you might do better to study this in the morning before the day starts. When you finish each day’s section, talk to the Lord about what you have learned or what you need to change. This is not homework, it is heartwork.

Life! Journals cover the whole week:

Day 1. A story that sets the mood and message of the week’s study. In Life! Discovery journals, this is a modern story. In Life! Orientation journals, this is an enhanced Bible story.

Day 2-6. Illustrations, thoughts, and blank spaces for you to fill in your thoughts. You will be challenged to open your Bible and search how the scriptures apply to your life.

Day 7. Many of the Journals offer contemporary stories about people who have experienced the principles studied for that week. Learn by example and instruction as well!

Life! Journals follow other series

You can use these daily devotionals alone, or you can use them as intended, with the teaching series Life! Training. Keep them to treasure and read over again.Let the Word of Christ grow in you richly and fill you with His glory. This daily journal helps you get the most from your walk with God. Take time each day to fill in each devotional page as you apply Bible truths to your everyday actions. Take time to plot your discoveries with prayer.


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