Rescue Mission (4 of 7): Kill them with Kindness

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Instead of getting a mindset of “I want to win a soul,” develop the biblical mindset of “I want to win Joe,” or whomever the Lord has placed on your heart. Put a face on soul winning. Find more than just one or two people to work with. You will never run out of opportunities to tell people about the Lord if you do random acts of kindness!

Consider yourself antagonistically amiable. One lady did this with reckless abandon. In Acts 9:36, who was she?

What happened to her, in Acts 9:37?

In Acts 9:39, how did those people she had befriended feel about this?

What happened, in Acts 9:40-41?

In Acts 9:42, what affect did this miracle have on those she had previously built relationships with?

Consider reaching out to people in a way that means the most to them. The book The Five Languages of Love[1] explains the power of kindness in making people feel loved:

Words that encourage, compliment, and affirm. Say positive things to people and build their morale.

Time together means a lot to some folks. No need to go far or get fancy, they just like to be together.

Gifts can mean the world to some people. A decoration or card can say so much.

Doing things for some individuals means more than roses. Help with the lawn lets them know you care.

True conversion is never accomplished just in our own efforts. We need the involvement of Jesus for our loved ones (and enemies) to come to salvation. However, they probably will never experience the supernatural if they don’t first see His natural power working through us in kindness.

How does God partner with His people in reaching a lost world? Jesus gave us better understanding of that while he was dealing with that woman at the well. In John 4:10, Jesus told the woman she would ask for “the gift” if she knew about it. He told her this gift would be like rivers of living water to satisfy the inner longings of her heart (4:13-14).

While His Spirit is the unknown gift to those who are lost, He is also the secret power to those who do know Him. It takes the Lord and you to win a lost soul. You win them by sharing the message and showing them Scriptures, while He draws them to Himself through His Spirit within you!

What was the reaction of the woman at the well, when she experienced Jesus? See John 4:29.

She went back to town, and how did they respond to her good news in John 4:30?

Remember when Jesus arrived at this well? He was feeling physically exhausted. But after this interaction with a hungry soul (and later many more hungry souls) He didn’t even want to eat lunch when His disciples returned from the drive-thru. Why? He explains in John 4:34.

In John 4:35 what promise does He tell you?

What will you do about it?

[1] Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages, Northfield, 2010.

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