Discipleship course for Oneness Pentecostal New Converts

New believers might be head-over-heels in love with Jesus, at first. This Pentecostal discipleship course will help them get their balance to walk in the Spirit. No one can live on adrenaline; they need Life! Orientation.

Jesus came to give us life, and we can keep it when we know truth. More than a dramatic experience, new believers need this course to survive. Christians must get direction from the Scriptures and grow in prayer.

Life! Orientation follows Life! Discovery or other Pentecostal home Bible Study of your choice. You will find it works best for a small group who have repented, taken on Jesus’ name in baptism, and received the Holy Ghost.

This 18-week course covers the foundational topics of Gods word: Relationships, Commands, and Plans. The two relationships include (A) our relationship with God and (B) with other people. God’s commands involve both (C) the inner person and (D) the outer person. God’s plans for our lives include (E) what He does for us and (F) what we do for Him.

These principles break down into the following 18 lessons:

A. God-to-humanity Relationship

B. Human-to-human Relationships

C. Changing the Outer Person

D. Changing the Inner Person

E. Knowing His Plan

F. Doing His Will

Each of these headings will link to a page with teacher notes. Download the PowerPoint file to give an on-screen presentation with the info students need to fill in the blanks on their handouts. Download the attached Word or .pdf document to print handouts for your class. These handouts come inside the booklet Life! Journal they take home to fill out each day.

Each of these lesson pages will link you to the online version of the Life! Journal which you should go through first. Print out the booklet and the page of notes first so you can edit and adapt each lesson to your style and needs.

May these Pentecostal discipleship lessons get your new believers pointed in the right direction. The walk of faith has many twists and turns and they depend on your guidance. Help your students start navigating Life! when you begin with the first lesson.

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