Apostolic teaching lessons for Pentecostal Teachers
Life! Training is a series of free apostolic teaching resources to help believers grow deep roots in the kingdom of God.

As a Pentecostal Bible teacher, you are doing more than filling heads with knowledge. You are cultivating hearts for life-change. While the experts say you need to know 40 times more about your subject than you can share, a good knowledge of God’s Word is not all you need to create strong disciples. Jesus quoted Scripture, but He did not expound verse after verse to the boredom of His listeners. Instead of a scroll in His hand, He had a baby, a lamb, a coin, or a fish. He spoke in pictures.
And moved thousands.

You will present your student with numerous Bible verses to consider in each of these free, apostolic lessons. While you will not reference each one directly, the supporting information is there to improve their independent study. Each free Life! Journal with the Life! Training Bible teaching series will give them daily access to God’s Word in modern application as members study the scriptures for themselves. This background info will greatly enhance what you do in the short, apostolic teaching sessions each week. Rather than labor through every verse to prove your point, drive home the main point with vivid stories and life application teaching.

Good teaching serves up a feast

Not every good eater is a good cook. If I went to a fancy restaurant, I could not pass on the experience to you by just saying, “Wow, that was mm-mmm good.” I only pass the experience on by letting you taste it for yourself. Too many people think they are Bible teachers because they enjoy studying God’s Word. The true proof of your call is when you convey the same flavor to the students.

Does you apostolic teaching stir hunger? Or does your teaching consist of just showing off the mixing bowls and pots you used? Greek and Hebrew word studies do nothing for people unless the cultivation of your skills helps them enjoy God for themselves. Life! Training helps apostolic pastors and ministers fatten the flock with deep teaching. You are more than a tour guide or historian; you are a master chef, bringing out the flavor of God’s Kingdom for a hungry world.

Your teaching should make waves

Think of your church attendees like beach balls adrift on the shore of life. Your goal is to get them ashore. Like waves gently washing those beach balls to shore, you will put a lot of effort into the lives of the congregation only to see slight results. In the ocean, 20 waves may only move the beach ball forward by an inch. Keep teaching and making waves as they inch their way toward God’s fullness. Occasionally you will have a surfboard student who quickly rides your apostolic teaching all the way to the shore. We wish every believer was this aggressive. Most will grow week by week, year by year, as you develop consistency in doctrine and application. If you stay the course, they will not be tossed about by every wind of doctrine.

How to use these free Bible study resources

Open up the page with the free apostolic lesson plan you wish to teach. Print it off or cut and paste it into your word processor to edit it for your use. Print off the student booklets or handouts. Download and review the PowerPoint file. Pray. Study the suggested Scriptures. Pray more. Apply the principles to your audience by creative teaching with art, drama, and powerful stories. Inspire them to greatness in God.

If you are teaching new believers, try the free, apostolic, new-convert discipleship course complete with PowerPoint slides, teacher notes, handouts, and student study booklets.

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